Moving Company Oslo

Moving Company Oslo. Flyttebyrå is your house and office removal specialist, based in Central-Oslo, Norway. Get your onlne quote now and move with safety. Are you looking with a mover in Oslo then you are at the right place. We provide affordable, efficient and friendly removal service.

Our moving staff have long experience and acquired all the skills and knowledge of how to carry out a full house removal without a hitch.

  • Private Moving
  • Office Relocation
  • Apartment Moving
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Cleaning Service
  • Self Storage
  • Trash Removal
Moving company Oslo

Your moving company Oslo

We help you when it’s time to move. Whether it is a small move privately, an entire villa to be moved or a larger business move, we offer professional moving services that are tailored to your move.

Flyttebyrå Oslo mainly works in Central Oslo with neighboring counties (Viken, Asker og Bærum). We want to provide safe, high-quality moving services where the customer are in the center, regardless of the size of the moving assignment. As a moving company Oslo we can help you with a wide range of services. Household moving (private moving), office relocation and move out cleaning.

If the move-in and move-in date do not overlap and you need a temporary storage where you can store furniture, we offer self storage services in dry and heated storage rooms. Here you have access 7 days a week and various sizes of storage room.

House removals

Moving from one home to another can be stressful and time consuming. A perfect moving process is carried out with early planning, good organization and professional moving help from an experienced moving company.

We offer relocation services for everyone, students who are moving, an ordinary housing to housing relocation or pensioner relocation.

Just contact us and we will find a good solution for you and your next move.

Office Removals

Office removals is a challenging task that nvolve an overwhelming number of moving parts.

As an entrepreneur, you should feel secure in handing over your equipment to a moving company. It is also important that you and your employees can quickly get in place in your new premises without losing production. Our employees have all undergone special training and thus have the skills required for everything to be moved in a safe and smooth way and where the set schedule is followed to the letter.

Recycling service | Trash removals

In connection with your move, we can also help you with recyling furniture and other things that you no longer need.

Self Storage service Oslo

It is not always appropriate to move in and out of a new home on the same day. You may want to renovate before moving in or other reasons that delay moving in. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this. We work with Norway’s largest landlord of warehousing services, City Self Storage, and of course offer safe and secure storage space for your furniture and moving goods.

Contact us for a quote

Contact us for a quote for your next move. We offer you personal service for your moving needs.

Moving FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions when Moving

How long it takes to move depends on a number of different factors. For example the size of your household content, accessibility, parking possibility and where you move from and to. Which services you want from us will also be able to influence the use of time. If we are to unpack and prepare the moving goods, it will of course be a bigger job that takes longer. Feel free to contact us in advance and we will try and estimate this after an inspection.

We are a total supplier of moving services and perform all types of moving services. Everything from small and large relocations to more complex assignments. Our most popular services are moving between homes, office relocations and move out cleaning.

We normally work weekdays but can also move both in the evenings and on weekends.

We accept electronic payment via either bank card or Vipps. We do not send invoices to private individuals, only companies after a credit rating.

In Oslo, a moving company costs between 1400 and 1600 kroner per hour for 2 men and a moving car. If you have a larger move or you are moving from a place with several floors, it can be more efficient to use 3 men that cost between 1700 and 2200 kroner per hour.

Yes, contact us with information about where to move from and to and we will try to assist you with this. We also move to other cities in Norway and also have a good collaboration with other moving agencies in Norway so that we can put you in touch with others if we can not do this ourselves.

No, we do not perform moves to other countries but with have a partner that can assist you here. Please contact us.

If you have not booked packing from us, your entire household goods must be completely unpacked and ready to be carried out on the day of moving. Sensitive furniture and textiles should be packed as well as possible and everything that fits a moving box should be packed that way. For any question regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, we can help you with disassembly and assembly of furniture and office furniture for companies. If you want installation help, you must inform us about this in advance.

Yes, you can buy moving boxes and other moving equipment through us.